Saturday, December 5, 2015

Text Structures and Organizational Patterns

This activity follows direct instruction on each organizational patterns and text structures. Students use signal words, main ideas, and text structures to determine which text structure the author is using in each paragraph.

To access an editable copy, open the Google Doc, then click File, then Make a Copy.

The answer key is 1) generalization 2) problem-solution  3) cause and effect 
4) sequence/chronology 5) comparison and contrast.

As a follow up to this, the students took a writing activity they had previously completed (Three Things You Should Know, adapted from a Kelly Gallagher writing activity) and made each of their paragraphs into one of the given text structures. This is an excellent revision activity, and it allows students to write more purposefully. It also helps students understand the correlation between reading skills and writing strategies.

The guided practice for that activity can be found below. This was uploaded to Drive from Powerpoint, so the animations did not transfer. Please email me at if you would like me to send you the Powerpoint.
Download a copy by clicking here.

The original writing activity template can be found below.

To access an editable copy, open the link then click File, then Make a Copy.

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