Thursday, March 5, 2015

Text Translation Station

One of the stations on the Stations: Writing page is the Text Translation station. At this station, students are given text messages to read and interpret. The assignment is to work cooperatively to translate the text into proper English using correct mechanics, capitalization, and spelling. 

I created the handout using Microsoft Word, but it's time for an update! I may be late, but I just discovered iPhone Fake Text, a website that looks so authenic it knocks my fake messages out of the park. 

We will definitely be using this app to recreate our station handout! Make your own Text Translation activities using the site here.

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 Time :  Auto
When u comin thru?
Gimme like 10 mo mins
U said tht 30 min ago!!!!
Ikr my moms is makin me help her do sum stuff first gimme 10
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