Friday, November 12, 2021

eReading Worksheets


If you are a teacher of reading, English, or language arts, you have most likely stumbled across in your search for ready-to-use (or ready-to-adapt) materials. 

This website, created and updated by education enthusiast Donald Morton, offers a plethora of standards-based resources focusing on essential comprehension skills.

Online test item
In addition to hundreds of printable reading worksheets, Mr. Morton has updated his resource site to include interactive assignments! This includes online tests and digital games. Check out Genre Piranha, a literary genre review game, or Poetry Cat, a fun and uniqe approach to learning figurative language!

All resources on the site are searchable by grade level and skill, so finding the appropriate resource to meet your teaching needs is a breeze. Mr. Morton also includes answer key sheets, PDF and RTF options, as well as a preview of each resource. 

The resources on can be used as is, or altered and adapted to fit your students' learning needs. 

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