Wednesday, November 10, 2021

CommonLit Presents: CommonLit 360


Click to view the CommonLit 360 1.0
Planning and Pacing Module for educators


CommonLit 360 Curriculum (Edition 1.0) is a  comprehensive tool for secondary educators!


This thematic literacy program is FREE and offers: 

Comprehensive full-year units for grades 6 - 10 including: Ready-to-use materials; Reading, writing, discussion, vocabulary, and grammar; Scaffolded, supportive lessons; Supplemental texts Texts in   Spanish; Optional materials for differentiation! 

The CommonlLit 360 model includes digital instruction options, including:

  • Digitally-assignable lessons through
  • Tools for grading and giving feedback
  • Integrations with Clever and Google Classroom
  • New features updating throughout the 2021-2022 school year

 CommonlLit 360 also offers a package for schools and districts to purchase the entire program that includes benchmark assessments, professional development, and school-wide data reports. Click here to learn more!


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