Blended Learning: Writing

Welcome! Thanks to everyone who came out to the Germanna K-12 Literacy Conference in Spotsylvania, Virginia. 

Our presentation focuses on two main topics: 1) blended learning and 2) process writing (inspired by Kelly Gallagher's Write Like This and In the Best Interest of Students). We used many of Gallagher's strategies to implement writing instruction that relies on student choice, modeling/mentoring texts, and writing as a recursive process.  

Here, we present our products, processes, trials, and successes. These activities bridge reading, writing, research, and media literacy. Each lesson involves an independent activity that is followed by peer collaboration and a culminating project in which each student cooperatively completes a group product working together - yet virtually.   

We use the Google Apps for Education as the primary platform, but also implement activities that utilize GAFE as instructional tools for student learning.

Please feel free to view, copy, and adapt any materials on this page, as well as other links on the website.

Newsletter Example Template
Real-World Writing Presentation
Templates and Handouts

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  1. This involves a slightly different style of rewriting since two keywords rarely have exactly the same meaning. See more here rewriting tool

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