Stations: Writing

Display Anchor Posters as Reminders

Two Sides to Every Story

Skill Focus: Persuasive Writing
Objective: Students interpret a scenario from various perspectives.
Procedure:  Groups are given basic case information about a trial. Students each choose a role (judge, plaintiff, or defendant). The plaintiff and defendant must each defend their case, and the judge must make ruling citing specific evidence and logic.

Facts of the Case

Holiday Creation
Skill Focus: Creative Writing, Theme

Objective: Students will create many aspects of a holiday with related ideas.

Procedure:  This station will have three or four holiday examples to help students generate ideas. Students will work cooperatively to come up with a holiday theme and plan out all relevant, related information and festivities.

Holiday Creation

Message in a Bottle

Skill Focus: Narrative Writing/Generating Ideas 

Objective:  Students will complete a prewriting activity. Procedure: There will be a 2-liter plastic bottle (we used closeable tubes you can find at the craft store) and a 4-square (or other prewriting tool. Students will fill out the prewriting with ideas about three things they would miss if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Bucket List

Text Translation

Skill Focus: Editing and Revision

Objective: Students will translate a text message conversation written in slang into proper English.

Procedure: The attached PDF includes three documents:  directions to post, a handout of blank bubbles to write in, and the text conversation students will interpret.

Students will turn in their completed handout to the envelope.

Text Translation

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