Sunday, May 22, 2016

Using Practice Items to Remediate

With expedited retakes now available to students in earlier grades, many of us middle school English/Language Arts teachers are improvising remediation strategies for those students preparing to retake.

A wonderful tool offered to Virginia teachers is the Virginia Department of Education's Practice Items, available on the VDOE website.

We have created remediation activities that incorporate the guided practice items into Google Slides.

Click to view Slide. Make a Copy to Edit.
The first passage Candace used is the 7th grade Reading nonfiction passage from the VDOE practice items. The Slides focus on close reading, summarizing, analyzing the question/prompt/item, and using the text to draw conclusions and make inferences. 

To make a copy that you can edit, adapt, and implement to meet the needs of your students, open the Slide in Google, click File, then click Make a Copy.

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